Meeting Time: May 09, 2017 at 1:55pm EDT
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Agenda Item

C. ORD - Proffer Amendment #REZ2017-00021, Exxon-Smoketown Station Sign Modification - To amend proffers pursuant to #REZ1994-0009, reducing the signage restrictions on lot 6 of the subject site. The site is located at 13000 Worth Avenue and is identified on County maps as GPIN 8292-62-9427. The subject site is zoned PBD, Planned Business District and is designated RCC, Regional Commercial Center, in the Comprehensive Plan. The property is located in the Prince William Parkway HCOD, Highway Corridor Overlay District. (Concurrently processed with #SUP2017-00017) - Occoquan Magisterial District - Keasha Hall – Planning