Meeting Time: June 25, 2019 at 1:55pm EDT
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Agenda Item

B. RES – Authorize and Direct County Attorney to Prepare a Request to the Circuit Court of Prince William County to Order a Special Election on the Questions of Contracting Debt and Issuing General Obligation Bonds of Prince William County to Finance Roads/Mobility and Parks Improvements in the Maximum Aggregate Principal Amount of $600,000,000

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    Anand Desai 9 months ago

    The indoor park bond is premature due to lack of demand analysis, systematic selection, and financial projections that fluctuating updates only underscore. Contemplated partners' commitments are doubtful (one would use a special LLC), raising the "People's Express" credit clause issue.

    I also worry about scanty enthusiasm for the costlier roads.

    A project or two at a time might succeed *faster*.

    Thanks for unlinking the indoor versus outdoor bonds, and Parks' transparency on short notice!