Meeting Time: June 16, 2020 at 1:55pm EDT
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Agenda Item

B. RES – Approve and Find for the June 16, 2020 Board Meeting that the Usual Board Meeting Procedures Cannot be Implemented Safely or Practically; and (A) All Agenda Items are Necessary to Address the Attack, Emergency, Crisis, or Disaster, and the Failure to Act on These Agenda Items Could Result in Irrevocable Harm; (B) All Agenda Items are Necessary and Essential to Assure the Continuity of County Government; and/or (C) The Nature of the Declared Emergency Makes it Impracticable or Unsafe for the Board to Assemble in a Single Location, and the Purpose of the Meeting is to Discuss or Transact the Business Statutorily Required or Necessary to Continue Operations of the Board and the Discharge of its Lawful Purposes, Duties, and Responsibilities

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    JL Gage over 3 years ago

    From my understanding, the board does not have so many elected officials that they (as a body) can't safely assemble. With that said, community members who wish to participate should do so remotely in fair and organized manner.