Meeting Time: July 14, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

G. RES – Endorse and Authorize – Final Applications to the Smart Scale Program for State Funding from the Commonwealth Transportation Board – Various Magisterial Districts – Ricardo Canizales, Transportation

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    stephen gutierrez 28 days ago

    I oppose this item due to the nature of it. It will increase traffic rather than alleviate it in the neighborhoods near it. The big picture should be looked at rather than the small one that benefits a few individuals with property that is land locked. Not to mention the environment that will be destroyed. Intersections that are already crowded will be totally inundated. Don't forget about the security of the neighborhoods also.

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    Myrna Levinstein 28 days ago

    I oppose the Van Buren road extension because it will:
    1. Devalue hundreds of homes and diminish the tax base by putting an industrial-use road through residential communities.
    2. Threaten the safety of children and security of seniors.
    3. Increase air and noise pollution.
    4. Do irrevocable environmental damage and kill thousands of trees and animals.
    What could motivate a County Board to use taxpayer dollars to benefit a single individual to the enormous detriment of thousands of citizens?

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    Linda Kahn 28 days ago

    I oppose funding for Van Buren Road due to adverse effects to environment, safety, security, noise & air pollution, & decreased home values to directly affected communities Cardinal Grove & Copper Mill Estates, both housing many children, & Four Seasons. Large trucks are restricted on Waterway Dr from Rte 234 to Cardinal Dr. A restriction important to the safety of above-mentioned residential areas is essential & effectively minimizing access to & value of development along Van Buren Rd.

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    Barbara McDiarmid Lidell 28 days ago

    No to Van Buren Rd a 40 yr old plan will ruin 3 communities. It will destroy the environment; old 100' trees; abundant wildlife; drastically increase noise and air pollution; create congestion on 234 and Cardinal Dr; will require funding for intersection @ 234 and bridge over Powell Creek. Major issues with safety and security as county pushes warehouses and 18 wheeler truck traffic on VBR. PWC can make better use of land rather than open up our communities to 95 noise and pollution. thank u

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    William Gretchen May 29 days ago

    I oppose Van Buren Road :
    • Congestion mitigation - this will increase traffic including 18 wheeler traffic on Route 234 and through the community of Cardinal Grove
    • Safety and security – road and warehouses next to our communities
    • Environment– loss of trees, animals, birds, increased air pollution, increased noise pollution
    • Land use – mainly the PWC wants to have warehouses and possibly offices built on that land between our communities and I-95 to increase their tax base

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    Richard Dunbar 29 days ago

    The VBR extension will not alleviate traffic congestion. VBR will cut through residential neighborhoods. Widening Route 1 between Cardinal and 234 makes more sense. Building bigger roads only increases traffic as evidenced by widening Cardinal and extending Benita Fitzgerald. It will have major environmental impacts. Spend the money on Covid-19 relief for citizens of the county.

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    John Parez 29 days ago

    I oppose Van Buren Road. I live in Four Seasons, which has significant noise and air pollution from I-95 and Rte. 234. Fortunately, there is a buffer of trees to attenuate some of those impacts. Removing the trees and building a major thoroughfare adjacent to our community will exacerbate the adverse impacts on Four Seasons, adjacent communities and the environment as a whole. Safety and security will be compromised, home values reduced and quality of life degraded.

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    Bill Lidell 29 days ago

    The expectation for Van Buren Rd. is that it will carry HEAVY volumes of traffic. Keep in mind, the NVTA rejected V.B.R, and instead elected to fund the widening of Rte 1 in Dumfries.
    Imagine the confusion of overloads we’ll experience if more and more traffic is added from Rte 1, and V.B.Rd. Previous boards have allowed construction of thousands of homes in our area, without considering the decades old proposed Van Buren extension. Please, don't make the same mistake.