Meeting Time: August 04, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT
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7. Public Comment Time

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    Melissa Urbaniak 10 months ago

    As the mother of “the little boy in the screen” who spoke against the asphalt plant at the last meeting, we continue to ask that the board deny this SUP. Putting two asphalt plants side-by-side, adjacent to a densely populated area is a terrible decision. Please vote against this.

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    Shao Song 10 months ago

    My family also opposes a second asphalt plant.

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    Annette Simmons 10 months ago

    Please oppose SUP2019-0026 Allan Myers Paving Plant. Keeping the status quo isn't always the best policy. To allow a second asphalt plant simply because there's another one in the area is not a good justification. Please consider the residents, who were put here by decisions of previous administrations, they will have to tolerate longer waits at multiple lights due to slow moving trucks, the noise exposure as Allen Myers operates 24 hours a day, and the potential to down grade our air quality.

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    Aaron Johnsen 10 months ago

    My family OPPOSES the second asphalt plant on Bethlehem Road. Like many others, we just purchased a home in the nearby Blackburn community and have a newborn daughter. We moved here to raise her in a quiet, safe community. A second plant so close to a new community is unnecessary and unsafe for our residents. The increased traffic is also a huge concern. Please do not vote in favor of this! Thank you!

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    Janet Williams 10 months ago

    I also oppose allowing a second asphalt plant to be constructed on Bethlehem Road. The health of our elders and children that are 1,200 feet from the proposed site is much more important. The increase in noise and traffic in this highly residential area would be detrimental to all. Please consider another, more rural place for this endeavor. Thank you.

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    Robert Gosselin 11 months ago

    I oppose allowing a second asphalt plant to be constructed on Bethlehem Road, PWC. The present blasting, noise level, and tremors caused by the existing plant are a constant disturbance to my community. The addition of another plant may also contribute to lowering my property values.