Meeting Time: September 08, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT
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    Aida Campos about 1 month ago


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    Elise PetersenMcMath about 1 month ago

    With regard to the proposed juvenile facility, surely there is a better solution than throwing children in cages and treating them like criminals. What could possibly be rehabilitative about this? If the pros are that it will bring jobs to an area, I ask you what kind of quality of work is this? These jobs will only serve to make profits for the investors of this facility, not to improve our community's quality of life and break cycles of trauma and poverty. We deserve care not cages

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    Celia Stone about 1 month ago

    I am writing to oppose the construction of the new juvenile center. As an alternative, BOCS should focus on reducing local crime by addressing the factors that lead to it (houselessness, insufficient mental health services, lack of resources at school, over-policing of students (particularly students of color), etc. Do not exacerbate the harmful effects of the school-to-prison pipeline by supporting this project.

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    Linda Keuntje about 1 month ago

    I oppose the new juvenile detention center. The Needs Assessment did little to convince of a *need* for a center, especially when indicating crime is dropping. BOCS should invest in understanding why crime is dropping so we can scale up any effective measures. This will most certainly cost less than an expansive new facility. BOCS should hear from youth, parents and others to understand youth needs before investing taxpayer money in this way.