Meeting Time: September 08, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

C. RES – Initiate – Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Include Widening Route 28 from the City of Manassas to Fairfax County – Coles Magisterial District – Stephen Donohoe, Planning and Ricardo Canizales, Transportation

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    George Harris 9 months ago

    While I agree with the decision to cancel the Godwin extension, I am concerned about the effects of widening Route 28. Many businesses will be interrupted an perhaps may never be able to be reestablished. How will these be compensated? How will this widening match up with what Fairfax County is doing? Will there still be a transition problem where Route 28 meets at the PWX/FFX border? Will there be a referendum on this project? If not, why not?