Meeting Time: December 15, 2020 at 2:00pm EST
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Agenda Item

C. RES - Authorize a Public Hearing to Create a Stormwater Management Grant Fund and Transfer, Budget, and Appropriate $200,000 from Fiscal Year 2020 Year-End Savings from the Capital Reserve to this Stormwater Management Grant Fund Contingent Upon Approval of the Stormwater Management Grant Fund

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    Louis Feaman 6 months ago

    This is an agenda item that MUST be supported by the board. The time for finger pointing over this issue has passed and nothing has been done for these hardworking families of Prince William County. Their homes have been devastated by inaction. YOU have the power in your hands to serve the community as our representatives. We ask that you not let us down.

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    Natalie Lichtenfels 6 months ago

    This is a much needed fund. Water is one of the most destructive natural forces to home and land values as well as human health. A home in Montclair lost 100k+ in equity because of improper storm water run off. And, another home floods everytime it rains they now have poisonous snakes living in the unreceding water next to where children play. This is a urgent matter and being able to invest now for the future will keep people coming to Prince William County.

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    Sarah Turner 6 months ago

    I fully support this resolution and I encourage the county to approve this resolution, this is a pragmatic solution to a extremely unfortunate situation for the residents of Montclair and the greater Prince William County.

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    Katie Phillips 6 months ago

    Please consider this storm water management fund. With this fund, the storm water can be properly managed by the county. County residents need your help to manage something that falls under public works. Thank you.

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    Kathleen Bowman 6 months ago

    Please approve this grant fund. Our neighbors in Montclair have suffered for a long time with these issues. This grant will enable the long time problem to be finally fixed, and they can start to build back their homes. The worry they go through each time it rains can only be an emotional as well as financial nightmare. They have been flooded multiple time over multiple years. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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    Megan Feaman 6 months ago

    I beg you to vote in favor of this resolution. Our neighbors on Camelot Ct in Montclair live in fear of rain. When it rains, their home floods. I have seen first hand the unimaginable damage this has done to their property. For years, there has been finger pointing at responsible parties but without resolution. They live in a nightmare that no one should have to face. It is truly unimaginable. It is time to resolve this issue, protect the families and the properties in the surrounding area.HELP!

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    Teresa Yung 6 months ago

    As a 15 year resident of Prince William County and the Montclair development, I ask that you please vote in favor of this agenda item. This is not an insignificant issue. This issue affects families who invested in homes in Prince William County. They are in constant fear of flooding and the destruction that comes with those floods. You also have a common area that has become an unsafe environment for the community. You have the power to protect these families and the community. Please help.

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    Timothy Beatty 6 months ago

    Please approve this Fund and the $200,000 needed to resolve this serious drainage issues. These homeowners have been repeatedly flooded and thus incurring serious damage to their property and homes. We the community have been impacted as well seeing this happen over and over and tried to assist with draining, clean up and supporting the families. It is time to resolve this issue.

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    Nicole Wilberg 6 months ago

    Please vote in favor of this agenda item. This money, that would otherwise sit in the capital reserve, will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of several Prince William County families. The repeated flooding of the homes in this area has been a tragic loss for these families and created an unsafe and environmentally disastrous situation. This money is greatly needed to resolve this problem and make this neighborhood habitable and safe for these families.

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    Carolyn Vines Sapla 6 months ago

    I am a resident of Montclair and a business owner (Real Estate). The flooding/drainage issues have been ongoing for years. Residents have voiced our concerns, but NOTHING has ever been done.

    I’ve seen buyers walk away from purchasing a home in Montclair because of drainage/ flooding issues. Homeowners can’t financially afford to make the repairs, so they have to suffer with this ongoing issue.

    I strongly support the Board approving a grant to correct this matter immediately. Thank you.

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    John Avelis 6 months ago

    The Sheffield/Camelot storm water issue has ruined several PWC homes, exhausted the resources of property owners, and threatens other properties, through no fault of any individual.

    The issue is well beyond the resources of the affected property owners and if not addressed now, will become a bigger issue to the county later. Quick action by the county to fund this grant can save money later and improve infrastructure that benefits nearby homes and the surrounding communities. Thank you!

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    Jennifer Walker 6 months ago

    I support this. The flooding issue needs to be dealt with.

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    Michelle Leonard Burgess 6 months ago

    There has been recurring flooding of a creek for over five yrs yet escalating each of the last 3 yrs resulting in flooding out homes, interior & exterior damage, causing substantial erosion, damage to trees, yards, homes, likely health of residents. It has received much attention, news, concern, comments, but NO resolution- No money to solve the problem. Attempts for years to get the problem solved & getting worse. PWC, OUR Representatives, are our only hope & our muscle to enforce safety & flow

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    Heather Page 6 months ago

    Representing myself as a resident.First and foremost, taxpaying residents of Prince William, both homeowners and a large businesses are impacted by a lack of adequate stormwater infrastructure. This has created a situation in which both ground and surface water can become contaminated with pesticides & fertilizer from the golf course as well as oil, bacteria, and algae from flooding adjacent structures then sitting stagnant. This is leeching into Powell’s Creek Watershed and Subwatershed 723.

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    Paul McMahon 6 months ago

    Swampland has been oozing across several backyards for many months in the Prince William County neighborhood of Montclair due to an aging drain pipe. Finally, Prince William County is presented with the opportunity to protect its citizens from the hazards of floodwater & standing water, thus preventing further dangerous vulnerability to infectious diseases. Protect our citizens from these risks now with authorization of the Public Hearing and completion of actions cited in this resolution.