Meeting Time: March 16, 2021 at 2:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

C. RES – Comprehensive Plan Amendment #CPA2017-00008, Independent Hill Small Area Plan – Potomac and Coles Magisterial Districts – Parag Agrawal, Planning

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    Dain Johnson 5 months ago

    I fully support the Independent Hill Small Area Plan. After reviewing the plans on the county website, I believe it is a needed project development and will enhance the continued development of the county in general and the Potomac and Coles districts in particular. I'm especially pleased to see the enhancement to the animal shelter (area) where I got my cat, Baldwin, this past July. Please vote YES for the approval of this plan.


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    Evan Bolick 5 months ago

    I particularly like the multi-modal transportation plan as bike paths are sorely needed. I agree that there is substantial potential in this project to attract tourism and also like the potential for a new school and library. And of course, the economic development aspects are enticing.

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    Russell Smith 5 months ago

    I do not support this small area plan, due to the presence of a planned data center. There are significant environmental concerns with its location next to the landfill and PWC Forest Park. It is also outside the data center overlay, and continues to chip away at the rural crescent.

    Please vote no on this plan, and sent it back to the planning commission for a redo that doesn't break commitments made to the residents and taxpayers of PWC.

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    Mohammad Usman 5 months ago

    Showing support of this plan.