Meeting Time: July 20, 2021 at 2:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

2. RES – Initiate – Comprehensive Plan Amendment #CPA2021-00004, PW Digital Gateway – Gainesville Magisterial District – Meika Daus, David McGettigan, and Connie Dalton, Planning

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    Jen Gettys 5 months ago

    My family and I strongly oppose this assault on the Rural Crescent. The way technology advances, data centers will be obsolete in just a matter of time. Please do not sell out our children’s future and harm a fragile, life sustaining ecosystem. Every assault on nature has its consequences- please do not welcome them into our backyards. Many of you signed a pledge to protect the Rural Crescent- it’s time to uphold that promise tonight.

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    Shannon Burgwald 5 months ago

    Please vote NO on the data center agenda item. As a PWC resident who lives very close to the Rural Crescent, this land should be protected and preserved.

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    Robin Struyk 5 months ago

    With all the water shortages and wildfires the west is facing and the record breaking number of hurricanes and tropical storms hitting the country, how on earth can you feel good about approving water hogging/resource draining data centers in PWCs greatest asset, natural land? Please do not build data centers that will deplete the county’s natural resources. I would attend in person but I am out of town.

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    Jennifer Oister 5 months ago

    As a Brentsville District resident living within walking distance of the Rural Crescent boundary, I am a supporter of preserving the Rural Crescent as it is today. The environmental, aesthetic, economic, and tourism impacts of allowing commercial and tech development in our rich green spaces would be devastating. Please heed the input of district residents, environmental experts, and our local parks leaders and do not approve this CPA. Thank you.