Meeting Time: April 26, 2022 at 7:15pm EDT
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Agenda Item

7. Supervisors’ Time Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Adoption

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    Bryan Sposato 11 months ago

    Prices are spiking for homes and cars. Property taxes will increase because of property value. Now you want to increase the taxes more when it cost me $5 for a gallon of milk. Think of the little people Board Members.

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    Devendra Tandekar 11 months ago

    To board members, I am not in favor of any more tax hikes please consider cutting spending or as a county resident I would be forced to move.


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    Mark McNamara 11 months ago

    Please be conservative when increasing any/all tax rates, including personal property tax. We cannot repair the damage done in just one year. Keep the tax rate increase to the very minimal, and spread out the increase over many years. Oppose the Meals Tax. The past few years have been hard on all of us. We all are feeling the impact of supply shortage, gas and grocery cost increase. Ease the personal budget burden for the PWC residents by reducing the average residential tax bill. Thank you.