Meeting Time: July 12, 2022 at 1:45pm EDT
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    Amanda Damico 9 months ago

    Hunters Ridge is a perfect example of what makes this county so desirable, a haven of woods & solitude & Peaks Mill Road is at its heart! Myriad people & critters enjoy this tiny patch of paradise. I implore you please do not destroy this land! This is a rare gem of a place, an idyll this county should be proud of.
    If not the Supervisor directly responsible for Coles District, you do represent PWC residents as a whole. Please let preserving the beauty of the place we call home be your legacy.

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    William Damico 9 months ago

    A Purcell Rd extension will divide our long established neighborhood in half and develop into a major “cut through” between 234 and PWP causing excessive noise and safety issues for our neighborhood and the county. The great expense to taxpayers to save VERY minimal time, when alternate routes are already available, is not fiscally responsible. It will likely require a traffic signal at PWP which will slow traffic along that corridor as well. I implore you to reject this unnecessary extension.

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    John DiDuro 9 months ago

    As a resident of Hunters Ridge, I strongly oppose planning for the Purcell Road Extension. The negative impact on our home's value and family safety is of paramount concern. The passage from 234 to PWP via Purcell & Hoadly has proven sufficient in past studies. The County would be better served by funding improvements of existing Purcell by eliminating dangerous sections and expanding lanes rather than creating an extension that adversely impacts Hunter Ridge owners' investment and safety.

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    Rebecca Sager 9 months ago

    I strongly oppose extending Purcell Road through the Hunters Ridge neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of hills and narrow roads. The increased volume of speeding trucks and other vehicles cannot possibly navigate these roads. This will greatly jeopardize the safety of the residents here. Fix Purcell Road and please leave Hunters Ridge as it is. Thank you for your consideration!

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    Delton Nichols 9 months ago

    A Purcell Road extension is not needed and is not justified. This same extension was removed from the Comprehensive Plan by the BOCS in 2013. If the Transportation Office wants to fix Purcell Road, do so without breaking the Hunters Ridge community by splitting it in half and introducing excessive speeding traffic and vehicle noise. An extension would be excessively expensive and would trample on environmentally sensitive terrain. Fix Purcell Road. Leave Hunters Ridge alone. Use money elsewhere.