Meeting Time: July 12, 2022 at 1:45pm EDT
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Agenda Item

14.A) PRESENTATION - Comprehensive Plan Update - Pathway to 2040 - David McGettigan, Planning

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    Jennifer Tallman 9 months ago

    As a resident of Hunters Ridge, I implore the BOCS to review the 2013 plan to extend Purcell Road to PWC Pkway via Peaks Mill Road and recognize that the findings of that investigation are still valid in 2022. The extension and expansion will provide no benefit to travelers on this side of the county. It will do nothing but bifurcate an existing, peaceful neighborhood where citizens walk, bike, and jog daily. This will ruin the neighborhood, adding a highway, with zero benefits for the county.

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    Gary Tallman 9 months ago

    I strongly oppose the planned extension of Purcell Road through the Hunter's Ridge development area. The potential safety issues this would raise are my chief concerns. Speeding was a such a significant problem on Peak's Mill Road, with that spilling over to Coloriver Road, that installation of speed humps became a necessity. Placing a four-lane throughfare would in my view only make safety concerns (greatly increased and faster traffic) many times worse.

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    Jill Brabant 9 months ago

    I strongly oppose the extension of Purcell Road. As a resident of Hunter's Ridge, I am extremely concerned about the impact this extension will have on our community such as increased traffic, noise, crime, and the safety of our residents. I urge the BOCS to once again reject this flawed proposal.

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    Steven Mirr 9 months ago

    I stongly oppose the proposal to extend Purcell Road through the Hunters Ridge development. This proposal will not significantly improve transport mobility in PWC, but will create an increased safety hazard for the residents of Hunters Ridge by introducing commercial truck traffic, noise, and speeding in the neighborhood. This proposal was considered by the PW BOCS in 2013 and righly rejected. I urge the board members to once again reject this short-sided proposal.