Meeting Time: October 10, 2023 at 2:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

7.D) RECEIVE - Public Comment on a Proposal from MEB General Contractors, Inc. to Develop an Indoor Sports and Events Center - Seth Hendler-Voss, Department of Parks and Recreation - Health, Wellbeing, and Environmental Sustainability

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    Patrick Valdez 5 months ago

    A few months ago, I began playing pickleball—a truly life-changing experience. I've forged new connections, witnessed families embracing the sport, and watched communities flourish. Creating indoor spaces for pickleball will provide positive outlets and opportunities for all. Please, let's make it happen for our community.

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    Barbara Tyrrell 5 months ago

    Families have been bringing their kids to the pickleball courts. The Woodbridge Pickleball Club has been working with our schools. The kids are coming. We need indoor space. I love this not just for Pickleball but for all our indoor sports. We have no indoor space. Lets help make the eastern section of the county is a place to live, work and play. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

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    Mike Kline 5 months ago

    It’s about time you guys invest in the east end of the County. You treat the east end like a red headed stepchild and only invest on the 28 corridor.