Meeting Time: December 12, 2023 at 10:00am EST
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3.C) Rezoning - #REZ2022-00032, Digital Gateway North - Gainesville Magisterial District - Christopher Perez, Planning - Mobility, Economic Growth, and Resiliency 

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    Ellen Hill 3 months ago

    Forty years ago, my husband and I built our home in the Rural Crescent. Over the years, we've seen a lot of change in the area, but thankfully, a lot of of the rural beauty has been preserved. I'm opposed to the date centers not because I'm opposed to progress or increased tax revenue. I'm opposed because of this data center's location between a state park and national park. Once you pave paradise (with a nod to Joni Mitchell), it and all manner of flora and fauna are gone forever.

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    Michelle Cunningham 3 months ago

    We live less than a 1/2 mile from the data centers that were constructed in RESIDENTIAL AREAS. They are a monstrosity. My understanding is that they will be no longer needed in 20 or so years, so what will happen to the buildings? If you feel the need to build them, build by the dumps, landfills, the airport or such where people don't want to live. I'm so disheartened that public servants put such buildings where people live and go to school.

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    Kari Compean 3 months ago

    As a resident of Bristow, who is now forced to live next to "Devlin Tech Park", the newly approved data center campus that the majority of the BOCS approved despite overwhelming community opposition, I oppose all 3 proposals. Data centers have no place next to homes, schools, and national/state parks. I demand more transparency for the location and upcoming schedule of each and every current, approved, and up for approval data center you are trying to cram into the western end of this county!

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    Gary Kosciusko 3 months ago

    As a resident of southern Fairfax County who gets drinking water from the Occoquan Reservoir, I am concerned about the impact that the proposed data center complex rezoning will have on water quality in the Bull Run watershed that feeds the Reservoir: i.e., increased sediment, accidental diesel fuel spills, pavement runoff from the asphalt surfaces. The complex will also need large quantities of potable water for cooling, the cost of which will doubtless be passed on to us ratepayers.

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    Tony LaCivita, Home owner 3 months ago

    Could you please read my email to you all in the public meeting for me? Residents will pay for electric infrastructure to supply these Digital Gateway buildings, suffer from the damages to water shed, ecology to de-forest, & reduced property values, & having to live with air quality and noise pollution of hundreds of HVAC and diesel generators running so close to residential properties. In 30 years what becomes of a 2,139-acre property to demolish when they're obsolete next to a National Park?

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    Denise Quinto 3 months ago

    My husband and I have lived in PWC almost all of our lives and plan to raise our two children here. While we support its growth we strongly oppose the encroachment of data centers on its beautiful and wild spaces. We've spent hours hiking in Conway Robinson State Park and the Manassas Battlefield. It's bad enough that traffic can be heard from sections of the parks; it would be downright tragic to have big, ugly data centers further mar this amazing landscape.

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    Dan Scott 3 months ago

    I strongly oppose these data centers in the Agricultural zone. This land is too close to the Manassas Battlefield and residences to be approved. While I understand the need for lower-income housing, even the new housing in Haymarket starts in the $900,000 range. These data centers will not drive lower income housing, nor improve our tax situation. They will lower our quality of life. The Board leadership was un-elected just a few months ago. Please respect the wishes of county residents.

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    Justin H 3 months ago

    I vehemently OPPOSE this rezoning. Ignoring all the citizens Opposition is dereliction of your duty and before you consider a vote in favor of the rezoning, check your motives and please hear the opposition.