Meeting Time: May 14, 2024 at 2:00pm EDT
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11.D) Parks and RecreationPRESENTATION - Proposed Indoor Sports and Events Center, Interim Agreement Findings and 13505 Telegraph Road Land Purchase - Seth Hendler-Voss, Parks and Recreation - Health, Wellbeing, and Environmental Sustainability

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    Tabatha Walton about 1 month ago

    Indoor facilities are protected from the elements and endure less wear and tear than outdoor arenas that are subject to snow, ice, rain, strong winds, scorching heat, and subzero temperatures. Indoor sports facilities are the ability to provide a climate-controlled environment. For athletes, coaches, and fans alike, this is a game-changer. Playing or practicing in extreme weather conditions can be challenging, making indoor facilities more conducive to optimal performance.

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    David Groff about 1 month ago

    The need for a quality indoor sports and events center in Northern VA is a DECADES long one and one that, if satiated, would provide the locality that acts first with revenue and be a boon to the community for years to come. So much money is spent in central and southeastern VA, and even Maryland, to attend events at facilities like these that opposing this would be irresponsible to the community at large. Make Northern VA a destination and do the right thing.

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    Kathleen Wyrsch about 1 month ago

    This is a much needed facility to allow our young athletes to train year round and out of the weather elements. Instead of traveling and bringing our revenue elsewhere, we would put it back into our own community. Thousands of athletes and their families would visit for training and events and generate revenue for all surrounding businesses. Currently, we give our revenue outside of our county.

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    Gena Flournoy about 1 month ago

    An indoor sports facility is absolutely necessary for Prince William County. With there being such an increase in youth/community sports participation, this would give our area an avenue to support the growth of our young athletes in a proper facility. It would also prevent the need to travel to surrounding areas to participate in indoor sporting events, and would provide a local source of revenue for national events, conferences, etc. Thank you for allowing an opportunity to provide comments.

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    Paris Thomas about 1 month ago

    I am the Head Coach of Legacy Track and Field and we attend indoor track tracks Avery 600-1000 athletes, just not in northern VA. The economic impact of having a facility like this is extremely beneficial as the sport of track and field is growing exponentially. There is no substitute for speed and endurance. Participation in this sport at an early age makes an athlete more competitive at their other sports. College recruiters in other sports know this. It’s time for Northern VA to have this.

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    Steven Landry about 1 month ago

    Prince William County residents will benefit from having a facility where its residents can practice and compete in many different sports and activities safely protected from inclement weather. This facility could host regional and national competitions giving Prince William residents the opportunity to participate and spectate premier competition without having to travel across the country.

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    Vannie Coles about 1 month ago

    Our athletes deserve this amazing facility. It would be supported 1000 percent and would generate tremendous revenue for the area.

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    Connor Lee about 1 month ago

    This facility is deeply needed in Prince William. It will provide better opportunities for our student athletes while reducing participation costs related to time and travel, and be an adaptable multirole event destination for elite sporting and entertainment events. This facility will draw participants and spectators from across the country, make PWC a premier event destination on the East Coast, and put money the county currently pays other institutions to host events back into the county.

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    Amanda Beaufort about 1 month ago

    I am in full support of this training facility! There are many great athletes that came from Northern Virginia. This would be a great opportunity to develop the athletes skills during winter seasons.

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    Shanel Evans about 1 month ago

    Our youth need a positive place to support wellness, fitness and mental tenacity. This land purchase is the start of that positive forward action towards a much needed indoor facility. As team administrator for a nationally recognized track and field organization, I can affirm without a doubt that our community is craving this project.

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    Makini CobourneDuval about 1 month ago

    This facility is desperately needed for our Northern VA athletes. I wholeheartedly support!

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    Justin Gilliam about 1 month ago

    An indoor facility is more than needed for several reasons. Having several children that participate in year round outdoor sports, an indoor sports facility would improve their physical and mental endurance throughout the seasons. A controlled environment gives athletes to complete in a fair setting on a consistent basis. I’m full support an indoor sport and event center!

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    Dr Keith D Riley about 1 month ago

    An Indoor Sports facility is crucial for student athletes in Prince William County due to unpredictable weather. It ensures uninterrupted training and games. Indoors, the controlled environment enhances safety and focus on skill development. Year-round access fosters engagement and talent showcasing, vital for college recruitment. Moreover, it promotes inclusivity by offering diverse sports, leading to a healthier community.

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    Lyndon Thweatt about 1 month ago

    This is a much need facility to provided a central location for our athletes to train, improve and excel in their respective sport. If we want to have our athletes excel, let's provide them with a place to aid them in their personal development. The facility would also provide an additional sources of revenue for the surrounding area for the multiple event/conferences that all sports, travel leagues, and showcases/expos that this facility would provide another option to choose from.

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    Anuka Bassaikhan about 1 month ago

    Indoor sports facilities can eliminate all weather related issues, allowing dedicated athletes to focus solely on their games. I support indoor sports facility because it will help our young athletes to pursue their goals and dreams.

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    Yvette Jordan about 1 month ago

    This facility is needed for our children and community. It will create a location to positively support indoor youth sport events. The cost may be high initially, but it will in time create revenue, including surrounding businesses.

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    George Preston about 1 month ago

    I fully Support. It is a "value-add" to the community and a possible profit gaining avenue for the county. The indoor facility will be one of a few in the state of VA and the only one in Northern VA. It can be used for many sports in addition to track, and also rented for graduations and events, etc. The county should move full forward in gaining of this property of land to start the process. thank you.

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    Ashley Spears about 1 month ago

    This indoor facility would create an opportunity for more young people to participate in sports, closer to their homes, eliminating the burden of traveling to other cities, which can contribute to lack of participation. It takes a village to raise children. Being a part of a sports groups offers that, but location matters. It gives children an opportunity to be a part of something positive. Hosting events would bring great business to the area, as well.

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    Chris Adams about 1 month ago

    There is a need in the community for this indoor facility. It will allow kids to continue to pursue their sports-specific goals and well-being year-round, and add revenue to the area when events are held at this location versus out of town. This is a great opportunity to increase the value of PWC for its current and future residents.

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    Monte Evans about 1 month ago

    The indoor sports facility is needed in Prince William County. This will serve as a resource for the student athletes, citizens and economy for PWC via tourism. The facility would allow families to keep funds that’s generally spent leaving the county to go to a state of art sports facility. PWC will no long have to host and pay other institutions for high school graduations, high school championships.