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The road bond projects under consideration would require up to $400 million of contracted debt to issue general obligation capital improvement bonds to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction and improvements.

Presentation to the Board of County Supervisors - May 7, 2019


Two-lane (half-section) extension of University Boulevard to connect Devlin Road to Wellington Road.  Completes last segment of University Boulevard, which will connect Route 29 to Prince William Parkway/Godwin Drive

Description: Extends University Boulevard (2-lanes) from Devlin Road to Progress Court and a possible pedestrian facility. Total project length of 1.7 miles.

Approximate Project Cost: $30,000,000

Project Duration: 4 to 6 years

Existing Funding: $3.9 million in RSTP (Federal) funding. Eligible for other funding.

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Mark Scheufler almost 5 years ago

Instead of this project, I would recommend building a Wellington Rd overpass of the 234 Bypass. The Sudley Manor and Wellington Rd lights with VA234 Bypass are too close together and make the lights difficult to synchronize. This will provide better access between Gainesville and Micron.

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