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Discussion: Park Bond Projects

The park bond projects currently under consideration would require up to $200 million of contracted debt to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction, equipment and improvements for parks facilities.

Presentation to the Board of County Supervisors - May 7, 2019

Prince William County Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey – Spring 2019

Topic: Field House

Description: Indoor multi-sport practice facility for local leagues, high schools, and residents

Specs: 125,000+/- square feet, practice track, multi-use courts

Estimated Cost: $17.6 million 

Project Duration: 36-48 months

Existing Funding: $0

Uses: Futsal, basketball, tennis, pickleball, field hockey, etc.

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Ashley McWilliams about 5 years ago

I wholeheartedly support this initiative. We need this in the western mid-county area- ie, Independent Hill. There are no places for indoor sports and fitness for people in my area.

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Cheri Kelly about 5 years ago

The Independent Hill area, ie Parsons Farm, would be the perfect location for an indoor sports and fitness complex. We have nothing like this in our area.

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JAY Van Echo about 5 years ago

This is a great idea for the area near Bristow and 234!

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Yasmin Bordas about 5 years ago

This would be a great project to incorporate into the Independent Hill Small Area Plan. There are several large parcels along 234 in that area, especially at the site of what is currently being considered as Parsons Business Park. The community currently does not have any indoor recreational spaces. It would be great to build this and, alongside it, a community center. This would help Independent Hill, which already has a local library, Hellwig Park, Colgan High School, and Kelley Leadership Center, and which will soon have trail head access to Prince William Forest, round out its civic spaces and help create a civic center for our community.

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Lisa Lochner about 5 years ago

My daughters would love to have a sports facility so near our home and school. The Parsons farm is a great location.

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Megan Urbaniak about 5 years ago

We could have a great community embraced athletic center right in mid county!!! Parsons Farm would be a great location!!! The St James in springfield as an example takes up 23 acres and employs 400 people!!! We would love to have a facility here in PWC

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Thomas Golsen about 5 years ago

I support this initiative as well as the county desperately needs this facility to accommodate our children's activities.

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Ron Gallant about 5 years ago

We desperately need a local indoor track facility that's available for use by our schools and clubs in the Northern Virginia area during the indoor track and field season. Currently they have to travel outside of the state of Virginia to the closest available venue in Landover, Maryland.

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