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The road bond projects under consideration would require up to $400 million of contracted debt to issue general obligation capital improvement bonds to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction and improvements.

Presentation to the Board of County Supervisors - May 7, 2019


To provide improved operations at the intersection of Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway

Description: Grade separated intersection at Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway.

Approximate Project Cost: $70,000,000

Project Duration: 4 to 6 years

Existing Funding: None. Eligible for other funding.

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Mark Scheufler 29 days ago

Please consider a Quadrant Intersection or interchange for this project to reduce cost.

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Shahid R 29 days ago

Quadrant intersection won't do it this location. I fully support single point urban interchange at Prince William Parkway and Minnieville Road.

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Mark Scheufler 28 days ago

A Quadrant interchange would much more cost effective and easier to implement than a SPUI and provide a similar benefits. A continuous T intersection could be included to reduce conflict points and improve traffic flow. The land is northwest quadrant has not been developed yet and could be made available as part of the rezoning application.

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