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Discussion: Park Bond Projects

The park bond projects currently under consideration would require up to $200 million of contracted debt to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction, equipment and improvements for parks facilities.

Presentation to the Board of County Supervisors - May 7, 2019

Prince William County Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey – Spring 2019


Description: Indoor competition and practice facility for local leagues, high schools, and residents

Specs: 230,000+/- square feet, hydraulic banked 200 meter/6 lane track, courts, 3,500 fixed seats, and turf 

Estimated Cost: $84 million 

Project Duration: 48 months

4 Responses

Rachel Kristy almost 5 years ago

Please build this project! As the parent of a high school track athlete, I think this would be an amazing resource. Currently, “indoor track” competitions are held outside in the coldest part of winter because there is no indoor facility available for these meets. The nearest indoor track that is available for high school meets is in Prince George’s County, MD and takes at least an hour to get to from most of Prince William County. The distances that teams have to travel for indoor track meets is ridiculous. Our student athletes deserve better!

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Shahid R almost 5 years ago

I would rather County spend this money to replace McCoart Administration Building and build a new Public Safety Headquarters.

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JoSette Broiles almost 5 years ago

This would be an excellent addition to the county and would quickly generate revenue by hosting events such as indoor track meets (VHSL and AAU), cheer competitions, and other sporting events for Northern Virginia schools and rec leagues. It would greatly benefit the PWCS high schools that have to travel to Maryland, Lynchburg, and Richmond to compete in events.

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